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Central Iowa's Leading Provider of Green Vending, Coffee and Water Services! We are a local, family owned and operated company. We support local business!

Why VSI?

  • Healthy vending options, programs and initiatives
  • Local leader in GREEN vending and energy conservation
  • All NEW Class 1 Vending Equipment
  • #1 service reputation in Central Iowa

Livestrong is the current charity of choice for VSI. Our goal is to give away 1,000 Livestrong bracelets through our gift packages to clients and prospects. This accomplishes two things, (1) raises money for the foundation, but more importantly (2) it spreads awareness, which is the core of the Livestrong mission. Join us in the fight against cancer!

Now Featuring: New Corner Market


  • Convenient Payment Options
  • Touch-Screen Technology
  • Fully secure transactions
  • and Much more!

Micromarkets - Highly Automated Self Checkout Technology

One intangible advantage of VSI, is the variety of standard payment options available. Your market kiosk needs to take the latest payment technologies or employees won’t be able to use the market when needed!

Vending Services Inc is always on the cutting edge of technology. We are now offering 3 mobile payment options as a standard feature on our market kiosks. These are Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Wallet. These mobile payment options are in addition to standard cash, coin, credit and debit.

VSI has recognized a movement in mobile wallets. Of the current workforce, more than half prefer to use a card, and one in four carry less than $5 cash with them. The total value of mobile wallet transactions is predicted to grow 210% in 2018.

VSI is currently experiencing, 65% of market transactions from debit/credit and mobile wallets. These additional payment options will be a nice benefit to your employees!


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with VSI!

We offer a variety of GREEN options that help you to:

  1. Cut Costs
  2. Be GREEN
Check out our initiatives!